Tyrone, in Elliot is Late for Work




Mid-to-late 40's

First Appearance:

Elliot is Late for Work



Voice Actor:


Okay Colin, okay Colin, okay Colin, okay Colin, okay Colin, okay Colin, okay Colin, okay Colin, BYE!!!

–- Tyrone

Tyrone is a generic boss character in the Elliot Goes series. He first and only appeared in Elliot is Late for Work. He is not even referred to beyond the "chronology" of the Elliot series, implying there is one.


Because Tyrone is generic, his personality could be fit with any sort of boss character. He apparently knows someone named "Colin", this is likely a additive to Tyrone's Boss persona.

Tyrone appears to be a normal person, who give discipline to those who he believes deserves it, as he references while talking to Elliot.

Tyrone, however is not at all a observant person outside of firing people, as he gets tricked into thinking a MSpaint picture of a house is an actual house.


  • Elliot - He mentions that Elliot has a history of being late to work, an exagerrated 74 times in a single week working at the place, implying he doesn't like Elliot.
  • Colin - He is likely an associate, friend, or even a family member of Tyrone's.
  • Other employees - Tyrone's relationships with other employees is completely unknown. He mentions he's fired multiple people within his time being the boss. He likely intimidates his employees.


"Hmmmmmmm...." - Elliot is late for Work

"Okay Colin..." - Elliot is late for Work

"Gold star for you!"

"Build a house with that forklift and shit-load of wood, it better be done this evening..."

"Well Elliot, since this is you've been late for the 74th time this week, do you know what that means?"

"...or I'll use the F-word on you, ciao..."

"H-Hold on one sec."



  • Tyrone has the same character model and voice actor as Brandon, a character from the Elliot Goes to School series,
  • Tyrone's quote, "H-Hold on one sec" has been used with Brandon's character a handful of times, and it sounds the exact same.
  • The "Colin" character that Tyrone talks to, is likely a reference to Colin Wyckoff, aka Kitty0706.