The Underwear Man
The Underwear man
Him, as seen in Camping

Full Name

Unknown (possibly Jimbo)



First Appearance

Field Trips



Voice Actor


The Underwear Man is a minor character seen streaking in Elliot Goes to School.


The Underwear Man's appearance changes in every episode, as does his attire. In "Camping", he resembles Agent 47 and can be seen streaking in his underwear. However, in "Field Trips", he looks different and appears to be completely nude.


  • In "Camping", he places a bomb which blows up and kills Dan and Chris after they rob the crew of their money.
  • Considering the fact that his face changes in every episode, it is highly possible that there is more than one Underwear Man.
  • He makes a high pitched noise while running.
  • He is rumored to be a clone of Jimbo, as he first appeared in the series running in the hallway behind Jimbo after Brandon mentioned something about Jimbo's clone.
  • Another theory states that if The Underwear Man is in fact a clone of Jimbo, then it explains why Brandon was quoted as saying "Hah Jimbo! More like Underwear!"