Lunch lady

The Lunch Lady

Reputation To other Characters

Jimbo- She's Never Seen him until that Episode but she dislikes him anyway.

Elliot- She told him about sucking George Washington's cock, it would probably be obvious that she doesn't like him.

Brandon- She clearly doesn't like him because he laughs about her life.

Elmer- Just like the rest of the characters she said to him that she sucked Jesus' d*ck but doesn't really like him.


  • Like Elmer, she's voiced by the same guy.
  • She uses Coach's model
  • She's over 2000 years old since she has met Jesus.


  • (To Jimbo) "Honey, I've been a whore since the Great Depression, I've been a slut since the Holocaust!"
  • (To Elliot) "I sucked George Washington's dick. How does that sound cool?!"
  • "Ya know I sucked Jesus's cock?"
  • "Shut up and eat ya' muff cabbage!"
  • "Here's your potatars."

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