The Gym Teacher

Full Name



Late 40's to Early 50's

First Appearance

Elliot Goes to School



Voice Actor

Colin Wyckoff

The Gym Coach, as his job implies, is the gym coach. He appears in every episode except the field trip episode. He used to be in the U.S. Army, as he tells Brandon in the first episode.


He always give commands to the students he sees, such as when Brandon entered the gym he was told to do twenty push-ups. He is also weak to logic, as proven in Mondays.

Reputation with other charactersEdit

  • Elliot - He gives Elliot an F because the rope fell out of the ceiling.
  • Bill Clinton - He give Clinton a D for rope climbing, most likely cause Clinton doesn't screw around like Brandon.
  • Brandon - Brandon gets an F in rope climbing, as the Gym Teacher does not cared at all how high he climbed in rope climbing.


As told before, he served the U.S. Army for 25 years, as a general.


  • He is a copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jorgen Von Strangle From Fairly Odd Parents, notably having a strong Austrian American and German accent.
  • He gives grades like Mr. Higglesworth would; unlike Higglesworth, though, he seems to actually know how to grade.
  • His weakness to a simple paradox ("If we're supposed to be in your class, why aren't YOU at the gym?") seems to imply he is some sort of robot. This might be a parody of Schwarzenegger's role as the Terminator.
  • In Mondays, Brandon says he looks like Bruce Willis, to which he replies saying he looks like an ugly child.
  • He's Related To Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jorgen Von Strangle From Fairly Odd Parents.