Quotes are sentences that are either laughed at in comments, or used in everyday life. If you don't consider these quotes then idk what is. 



"Ah! first day of school...huuuuuuuuuu HUH huuuuuuuuu."

"Pizza at 8 o clock in the morning? WHAT ARE YOU?!"

"If we're supposed to be in YOUR class, why aren't you at the gym?"


"Mr.Cool! That's such a cool name, I wish my last name was cool!"

"Text to speech? More like text to gay!"

"Brandon's not here right now! Please leave a message after the beep! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPAH!!"

"What are you? iRobot?"



"Actually it's Xaivier 3.10 WEETART!!!"

"I'm gonna leet hack you!"

"NO, my mom has a FIRE WALL!"

"Fhughkgun weetart."



"Hah, Fagola!"


Bill ClintonEdit

"Hey guys, whoever wants to smoke some doobies with me raise their hand!"

"Woah, WOAH, I think I smoked to many Doobieeeeeeees!"

"Do i get to eat a PIG?"


"No Bill Clinton, you don't get to eat a pig."

"*sigh* These doofuses again?"

"How do you say shoes in italian?"


"This is algebra you fagola, I heard your thoughts F, you talked DOUBLE F."

"You talked A+, *Elliot speaks up*, F."

"HAHAHAHAHA Just kidding fagolas! Beat it Geek!"

"You fagolas again?! *jumps out window*"

"The hell's crab whore? Sounds like a bad porno."


"I hope you boys arent planning on skipping this week's pep rally."

"I'm an old fart that likes to do nothing except do elliots mom aksj-e3434 penis, penis, penis."

"That wasn't necessary, please do not do that ever again."

"Mr. Higglesworth, I want fucking marshmellows right now. Where are they?"

"Miss Man, can you please gain the urge to shut the fuck up, and give me marshmellows.

The Gym TeacherEdit

"Give me 20 push-ups PRONT


"You stupid idiot! Daleloaheloah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"My Name is ELMER!"


"My name rhymes with ******!"

"You may have met a lot of people in your life, But you aint met anyone like Elmer!"

"Just like potatoes"

Dan and ChrisEdit

"What a slicer!"

"Yo, punch that fool man!"


"Yeah mother fucker. Peace out bitch!

Postal DudeEdit

"Hey I'm just exercising my 2nd admendment rights here you fucking communist!"

"Yes! I suppose it'd be correct to kill women and the minorites first!"

"What for?, all the cars here seem to be props anyway."

Emo KidEdit

"Crabs give me stiffies."

"****** counts too."

"It's when you get really down low, and you strum a guitar at dick level, like this."

FYI 2Edit

There's alot of quotes I only put in the ones that exist right now. When other Elliot Goes To School or Elliot series Characters come along I'll add new Quotes -Steve Block.