Postal Dude
"Ow, my clavicord!"
Vital statistics
Title The Postal Dude
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction None
Health Fine
Level Unknown
Status Alive
Location Unknown
The Postal Dude is a character from the POSTAL games. He is one of the characters in the Elliot series that actually make some sort of sense, such as claiming his second-amendment rights or stating it would be more politically correct to kill women and minorities first.


Due to reusing his model from POSTAL 2, the Dude wears his attire from said game: an alien T-shirt, brown trenchcoat, jeans, boots, and shades. He also has short red hair and a goatee.


  • "I suppose it would have been more politically correct to kill the women and the minorities first."
  • "Hey I'm just exercising my second ammendments right here, you fucking communist!" (to Brandon over the latter claiming the Dude is unfunny and 'looks like a gay version of Neo whose voice actor fails at being cool'.)
  • "Where the hell am I?" (in question to Brandon's zany behavior during chemistry class in Mondays)
  • "What for? All the cars in this town seem to be props anyway." (trying to leave via car in the parking lot)
  • "I regret nothing."
  • "Fuck me, I better get home."
  • "Mmm, smells like chicken."
  • "You go, girl."
  • "Buttsauce."
  • "Shit."
  • "Fuck."

Reputation with other charactersEdit

  • Brandon- As seen in Mondays and Field trips, Postal Dude cusses Brandon out. It's blatantly obvious he hates him.
  • Ms.Person- He too dislikes Ms. Person as of Field Trips he *killed* her. Luckily for him, she came back to life.


  • The real Postal Dude is the protagonist of the controversial POSTAL video game franchise.
  • He showcases the ability to fly.
  • His model is taken from the Synergy mod's original version, and ported from POSTAL 2.
    • His dialogue was taken from that game as well.