Videos not in the Elliot Goes To School series where characters from the series are seen.


Gmod Brawl: Niko vs. RomanEdit

Brandon and Elliot can be seen at the funeral scene.

First Person Project: The Uprising

During Part 2, while the protagonist is training, he is seen fist-fighting a guy who resembles the Gym Teacher from the Elliot Goes to School series.

Team Fortress 2: Moments with Heavy - Heavy Goes BowlingEdit

Brandon can be seen at the end insulting the bowling alley owner.

Team Fortress 2: Moments with Heavy - Heavy's Retarded HolidayEdit

Elliot can be seen playing garrysmod in which he is pulled away by an admin. Afterwards some Blood Gang Members that closely resemble Dan and Chris appear.

Team Fabulous 2Edit

Elliot, Foldingchair, and RunFromTheMinges are all referenced in this Gmod Movie made by Kitty0706, when the Engineer finds "Elliot's Funbox", which has a Furry Antagonist inside of it. Elliot and Foldingchair are listed on the Furry's list of captives. RunFromTheMinges is referenced on a spray during the "Spray Competition".

Gorgeous Freeman Edit

Ms.Person appears as a character in this series, she takes the role as Judith Mossman, using Text to Speech Andrea. Edit


  • Brandon appears to be obese, and wearing glasses on the Heavy Goes Bowling episode.