Joe is a minor character in Elliot Goes To School.



Joe wears a demon mask, a long sleeve red shirt, red pants, and brown elf shoes. He is the shortest character in the series as his feet don't touch the ground while sitting down. His skin is pale white and he has brown hair with a strip of hair in-between the horns on his mask. He is modeled after the character Lock from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Kingdom Hearts".

Relationship with other charactersEdit

Mr. Cool - Joe is presumably liked by Mr. Cool because he always listens, never talks out, and does not goof off during class, unlike Brandon.

Bob - Joe is most likely a very good friend of Bob. They always sit together and Bob was seen pointing to Joe when Mr. Cool called his name while taking attendence.

Jimbo - Another possible friend of Joe. Upon transferring to Elliot's school, Jimbo immediately sat near Joe and continued to do so throughout the series.


-He never talks, like most of the minor characters in the series.

-He always wears the demon costume.

-Joe always sits by Bob and Jimbo. 

- Joe uses the model of Lock from Kingdom Hearts. Lock is a mischevious trick or treater who hangs out with Shock and Barrel.