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Pep Rallies

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Jimbo is a new kid who joins Elliot's school later on in the series. He often makes unfunny jokes and remarks, and is picked on by his schoolmates, like when Brandon locked him inside the TF2 Museum. He claims that 'transferring to this school was a big mistake', and he's right. He is bullied by his school teacher Mr. Higglesworth, who often bullies his students.


He has a regular sense of humor, and treats his classmates fairly well. Most of his classmates and teachers however mostly find him annoying. He also can handle nearly every situation with ease.


Jimbo wears a simple white jacket, blue jeans and some sneakers in Pep Rallies. In Field Trips, he wears a light grey PS2 T-shirt, red vest, trousers and some sneakers and in Mondays. He also wears a light salmon colored t-shirt with a white neckline/end sleeves/bottom rim with a "Hug Me I'm Jolly" printed in white and a dark green vest.


  • On Elliot goes to School: Mondays, a possible clone of Jimbo appeared to be running naked behind him in the school hallways.
  • He uses the "Your Mom" joke the most out on the main characters.
  • He's probably one of the most sane characters out of the series.
  • His model is a re-skinned "male_07" citizen. 
  • He makes random jokes, like saying "bananas" or "strawberries" at the randomest times. 

Quotes Edit

"Wow. I was only in the class for 15 seconds and something gay happens."

"If you understood the term '1337', then it'd be obvious I passed the firewall!"

"Hah, Fagola."

"You're a scene!"




"Gotta go sleep over at Slim's house. Later, fellas!"

"You see, Elliot. When a mommy and daddy love each other very much.....THEY GO CAMPING!"

"Are you kidding? The curb's like a mile away. Good Job, Granmamamamamamama."

"Elliort? Don't you have an el papel to write?" ..... "And you left it at home."

"Alrighty, let's go do some hardcore campin'!"