Fold chair
Folding Chair's natural face


Folding Chair



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Field Trips



Folding Chair is a dickbag.

Relationship with other charactersEdit

Mr .Higglesworth- Folding Chair really, really, really hates Mr. Higglesworth. In the Camping episode, he chewed him out for telling off the others,

Elliot- Since Folding Chair is so random, it's unknown if he likes Elliot. He does in real life.

Brandon- He seems to dislike Brandon because Brandon told him to go fold.

School- Hates it, as he was full of joy when it died.

Principal- Hates him.


  • "Well, I'm gonna fuckin' slap yo shit, so how 'bout YOU go to bed, ya old FUCK!?"
  • "FINALLY! School has DIED! This is FUCKING AMAZING!!"
  • "This town fucking sucks!"
  • "DICKS!"


  • He has the model of the G-Man.
  • He is the second character to be voiced by a person of the same name, the first being Elliot.
  • All of his lines have profanity in them in some way.

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