Elliot Goes to School-0

Elliot Goes to School-0

In the Begining of this episode, Elliot's Alarm goes off, he screams like a scientist in Half-life. He says "Agggh first day of school *Large Breath* *explosion*" He makes himself a cup of coffee then he watches kitty0706 videos before school. He realizes he's late then he has a flash back of seeing the schedule. He swears, and then he goes to get on his bike. For no apparent reason a brick hits him in the head. He gets to school and he runs over two guys

Mr.Cool's ClassroomEdit

Mr.Cool starts saying Jibberish, then Elliot Sits down. says his first words of the series. "Hi, my name is Mr.Cool and im going to be your italian teacher for your sophomore year.". Then Brandon says his first words, "Mr.Cool, that's such a cool name, I wish my last name was cool! *lols* *passes out*". Then Mr.Cool takes attendence while that Elliot tells a story that takes a few years long. Then Bill Clinton gets mad that forgot about his name.

Mr.Higglesworth's ClassroomEdit

In the begining of this class Elliot kicks him in the face. Then Higglesworth tells his students to sit down. He explains the rules then 'Emo kid' starts laughing. Higglesworth goes apeshit then throws a paper with an F on it at Emo kid's face. Then Elliot draws a picture of a furry. Mr.Higglesworth says "Not only an artist but a furfag" *lols*. Then Francis stands up for Elliot then Mr.Higglesworth gives everyone a pop quiz. Mr.Higglesworth hears Elliot's thoughts then gives him an F then Brandon gets an A+ while Elliot gets another F.

Ms.Person's ClassroomEdit

Brandon laughs in the begining of this class because Ms.Person is handicapped. Ms.Person tries to get atleast one of the students to listen to her, but because of her being handicapped, she couldn't get them to. Brandon throws her out a window then types random letters. Then he pushes her again and that's how that class ends.

Gym ClassEdit

It starts with the Gym teacher trying to get Brandon to give him 20 Push-ups Brandon refuses and says,

"Hey fagola you're a Gym Teacher not an army general!". He replies with "I've been a general for the army for 25 years so suck it up woman!" Next "Now what I want all of you to do, is climb this rope, The higher you go, the higher your grade gets!" next "The First one up is Brandon!" Brandon fails, Bill clinton gets a D, Elliot Fails.


  • Elliot
  • Brandon
  • The Teachers
  • Bill Clinton
  • Francis
  • Other Random Characters

Trivia Edit

  • The part when Mr.Higglesworth notices that Elliot is a furry is a nod to how Kitty0706 is a furry, who also has a Furaffinity account.
  • The reason Brandon sounds much louder in this episode than others, is because RunFromTheMinges didn't use the mic correctly.

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