Elliot's Mother
Elliot's Mom, as seen in 25 Steps on how to be an Elmer

Full Name

Mother Elliotson


Late 30's to Early 40's

First Appearance

Seen: 25 Steps how to be an Elmer Heard: Mondays



Voice Actor


Elliot's mother is the only known guardian of Elliot and has only been seen once.


She appeared audibly and visually once. Her visual appearance was her first one, in 25 steps how to be an Elmer where Elmer can be seen stalking her. She has the basic looks of a female. Her audible appearance was her latest appearance, she can be heard telling Elliot that a snow day might be coming.


  • She uses the models that is supposed to potray the Scout from Team Fortress 2's mother.
  • Elliot's Mother is the only known member of Elliot's family, other than her (possible) mother, and Elliot himself.

Quotes Edit

"Honey! It's snowing out! I think you have a snow day!"

"Sorry honey!"