Dan and Chris
Dan and Chris, as seen in Field Trips


Daniel, Christopher


Unknown, presumably early adulthood

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Field Trips



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Dan and Chris are the two major school bullies.


The pair are a satire of typical gangsters, creating words with unknown definitions such as "sketchy" or "slicer". Dan appears to lead the duo while Chris follows up, almost acting as an echo as seen in Field Trips, when Chris echoes the word "slicer."


During Field Trips and Mondays, Dan wears a grey kacket with a baseball cap backwards. Chris has a white sweater with the hoodie on.

During Elliot Goes Camping, Dan wears a Combine uniform for Halloween, and Chris dresses up as Jason Voorhees.



Their relationship with Brandon is an obvious, negitave one. As seen in Field Trips, they mock him for not knowing what the inuenndos they made up meant. Then in Mondays, it was made obvious that they hate him, when Dan noticing Brandon, told Chris "Look at that faggot over there" They proceeded to approach Brandon and Dan punched him. Brandon simply said "my turn" and using his mind, he sent the two flying out of the window, leading to their apparent death, at least, until the episode Camping, where they are seen mugging them, leading to Elmer handing them the money they demanded, only for Brandon to mock him in a monologue akin to that of Norman Jayden. They are killed again, from a hopper mine that may have been deployed by Brandon.

Other ClassmatesEdit

Dan and Chris have not once made any other way of interaction with the other classmates except for Elmer In Elliot Goes Camping when they mug the group, and Elmer gives a large banded pack of dollar bills to them.

Sean ConneryEdit

Chris "booked" Sean Connery before Elliot jumped over him.

Quotes Edit

"Welcome to high school, bitch!" - Dan

"Yo, Scuzzball!" - Dan

"Slicer!" - Chris

"Yo, weren't we suppose to be in the bus there?" - Chris

"Nah, screw it Chris...This school sucks anyway." - Dan

"Wanna go kick some ass Dan!?" - Chris



  • Dan and Chris make an appearance in the Moments with Heavy episode Heavy's Retarded Holiday, but both are using models from the Ballas gang from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.
  • Dan uses the model of a African-American Citizen from Half-Life 2.
    • Chris shares the same face Jimbo has as both heads are headhacked from a common model of a male_07 in the same age.
  • In the episode Camping, they might have actually been killed, due to a hopper mine that appeared in front of the underwear guy from nowhere.